While volunteering for a state house candidate, we noticed that one of the first questions we would receive from potential voters was “am I inside the district?” Some of our neighbors were in the district, and others, who lived four blocks away or even across the street, were not.

We made a map for our own reference and soon it was added to the candidate’s website. The map was the perfect answer to this common question about district boundaries. But when we looked at other campaign websites, we discovered that most didn’t have a map. Or if they had a map, it was a screenshot from a PDF, or it was difficult to read on a phone. We saw an opportunity to support other progressive political campaigns with this same kind of service.

Jeff Frankl

Jeff is a civic technology designer by day and political organizer by night. He builds and maintains the MapBlue application. Despite being afraid of heights, Jeff recently got into indoor rock climbing and admittedly talks about it too much.

Matt Frankl

Matt is a warehouse inventory coordinator/musician who became more involved in politics during the run-up to the 2016 election (better late than never, right?). He is responsible for MapBlue‘s business development and customer service.